Spiral Universe Tour 2018

A big HELLO! to All of You, High-Frequency, Now Focusing, Time Leaping, Friends!

This is a quick catch up, with an events and site update.It seems that I AM having the opportunities and the urgings to take The Spiral Journey Blog & podcasts On The Road! with a catalog of Integrative Community Enrichment Playshops in

It seems that I AM having the opportunities and the urgings to take The Spiral Journey Blog & podcasts On The Road with Community Enrichment Playshops in tow….. !

Team: Spiral Universe Tour 2018 is building the documented data on these FUN and Informative events- even as you read this the pages are being built and the links are being linked- STEADY AS SHE GOES here…. 🙂  

We would love to hear insights from You and accept any contributions to support building the Collective efforts of this new site, and the Gifting into the communities by backing up our Service into the community by offsetting program maintenance and support thru the Tour  GO GUND ME portal.  

Thanks for Your Special brand of Patience and support, as we are hunting and pecking through the foundational layer of a moderate-level web presence…

We’re trying to get all of the blogspot content over to here for consolidation and easy access to All the online Free content goodies, and, more. We’re also building the SUBSCRIPTION Pages for those who are wanting more details for their personal numbers and Next level for Group Mentorship benefits and events.

These are coming SOON! 🙂

Taylor and I are looking so forward to meeting you as we make our Way around on this Tour.  Team Spiral Univers Tour 2018 Thank You in advance for All of Your Best Wishes in this Adventure, and your kind contributions!

SHARING is the Way All Things FLOW…..

WE INVITE YOU TO CO-CREATE WITH US-  All Contributions toward Expansion assist SO MUCH….If you would be SO KIND as to SHARE in the RESOURCE FLOW, by…

  • SHARING with your Friends anywhere and everywhere!
  • SUBSCRIBING to the full Subscription level (COMING SOON!),
  • by checking out the Amazon AFFILIATE recommendations (COMING SOON, as well!)
  •  Contributing to the Good Vibrations in the tip jar to help get this all rolling with a SmILE!
  •  or,  YOU go directly to the GO FUND ME LINK for the Full Tour – (full final draft pending)

Thank YOU All for your Inspired Participation in the FUN with Me!

Our web interactions and Live Chats are the COLORFUL JAZZ in my Time Adventure!   I really enjoy meeting new Hearts & Faces and sharing the GOODS!

A BIG BIG BIG THANKS to Taylor T. Sunshine, Council Member @ Spiral Universe Foundation, and Meg Adams, also S.U.F. council member at  Soul Speak Marketing YOU ARE SUBLIME Examples of Presence in ALL of your patience and pro-bono efforts in the direction of Expansion All Ways!

I’m so Honored to have Your Precious attention in Co-Creative focus!

NOTE: PLEASE REGISTER to the website to be notified of web-events, Tour Updates and events, and the Collective Frequency Translations: BEYOND The Time Vibe.

I THINK we are picking up the slack now, and getting the hang of this, …anyway- i’d like to THINK we are.  But, for the moment- HAVE A GANDER at that which Taylor and I are Dreaming Up for Sharing of FUN and EXPANSION of it ALL!  (HERE)



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