10/2017 T.E.O.T UPDATES…….

     10/2017  Empress Of Time Updates! 

THANK YOU ALL for Your Full support and generous Focus as [it] All unfolds before Us in the Collective Reality Games!

Yes, Yes,… I KNOW that i promised the Collective  Freuqnecy Translations for 2018 and access to the levels of Personal Translations.

If you think (I) have been laying back lately, think again.   It’s coming together- slowly- but satisfactorily.  I think we are building an Honorable sharing tool here at this new site, and i appreciate your stopping in to see!

If you are DOING Your own “work”, then you will return here again often, and in Perfection, to see the evidences of this Image… 🙂

I think it’s worth the wait…. I WILL be back SOON with the FULL 2018 Collective Frequencies overview WITH Personal Year overviews included….

but, just to get it started-

With the (11) HIGH-Frequency opportunity window opening wider each moment,  perceptions are shifting faster than we have been previously used to, but that Perception of “lag time” is fast dissolving, while tremendous waves of stepping Up to full Self Responsibility in authenticity is increasing as quickly.

TIME IS NOT changing – PERCEPTION IS.  The 2018 Collective Frequency Cycle can be used for Perceptual reference tools through the entire cycle.  No worries– I’ll walk through it and BE there WITH You RE-Creating reality, as One.

I AM on this ride, too… and WHAT a WONDER-Full Ride is IS, indeed blossoming INto!  There is MUCH on the table of Expansion for All Now.   To quote: “LIFE is a BANQUET- and, most poor suckers are STARVING!  LIVE! LIVE! LIVE!”.  (Rosalind Russell/Film: Auntie Mame)

I Heartily heed this temperament and Insight- and WOW-EE! the scenery IS shifting FAST!!

(11) HIGH POWERED, SELF CREATED leap INto Your (Next BIG “Thing”) to Do, while hanging around in a sensorial Time reality) is about to FLOWER for those who can STOP looking in the direction of Pain/Fear to SEE the Expansive opportunities at hand,  and in Ways you have DREAMED of, but couldn’t “figure out” HOW to build.

MORE on this in a later post… but, NO WORRIES, Love-y’s!   Your PERFECT Posse is coming to-gather (11:=2)  , as You keep your Focus on Peace, in Equity.


The Spiral Journey Tour 2018 is coming to Be,  and the Spiral Journey 2018
TEAM is meeting back at Blueberry Ridge for sharing in MORE of the Fun and Expansion available there, and Beyond!

And, this Time WE’re Trying something New!
We had Web Participants at our last event, and it was WONDERFUL to have so many smiling faces to SEE when Playing in the Frequencies as a Collective Game.

Please SHARE THIS EVENT, and Participate in the Flow of Expansion to ALL around You!

And I Wish You the BEST of Now, All Ways!!
aka- The Empress Of Time… Face Book


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