How to Calculate Your CORE Numbers

Anyone who bothers to test drive this simple system of Numbers in Time can take advantage in their own personal Time Map, and track their daily cycles and opportunities.

This is an early video that is still useful for learning basics to get started…


The following calculations instructions below will show a broad view of your personal energetic essence, talents, and opportunities (in Time).

* the sum of your full birth date;  (your Life Path Number) indicates what you are here (in Time) to contribute and master; see calculation instructions below.

* the sum of your full birth name; (your Expression Number) indicates the natural gifts and talents that you possess and how you interact with others in your Time focused experience; see calculations below.

* the sum of the VOWELS of your full birth name;  (your Motivation Number) indicates your motivation and energy of inspiration that propels you toward the mastery of your Life Path; see calculation instructions below.

* Your birth Month, and Birth Day;  for calculating Timing frequencies cycles.

To calculate your Life Path Number:

your birth month + your birth day  + your birth year

12/15/1960  =
(1+2+1+5+1+9+6+0) = 25 = (2 +5) = 7 Life Path

This is the letter frequencies chart to calculate your Expression Number and your Motivation Number:

frequency value:

  1. a, j, s
  2. b, k, t
  3. c, l, u
  4. d, m, v
  5. e, n, w
  6. f, o, x
  7. g, p, y
  8. h, q, z
  9. i, r

Your Expression Number is the sum of all of the letters in your name.

Your Motivation Number is the sum of the vowels in your name.