Helping YOU access the Power of NOW using the simple language of the Numbers in Time.

These empowering sessions with Carmelle are currently offered via Skype, email or phone, and include calculations and Translation of your primary Number frequencies for a better grasp of your innate gifts and talents, and a view of the opportunities before you, within your own Timing map.  

 Participants are offered not only validation of their own deeper Knowing, but also applicable personal references and instruction on how to work with your own basic personal Time cycles, with insight on how to translate them into usable daily templates for better creative flow in the immediate Time cycles of your own personal journey.
Carmelle works with you to bring you closer to your own goals and intentions for Self realization with a joyful, yet, direct style of delivery of the pertinent frequency opportunities that are ready for you to utilize more fully, and with more Self responsibility in the direction of your deeper preferences for experience.
These sessions are perceptually expansive, as the reality of Time is finally grasped for how it serves as a gift for your Self Awakening, and the dynamics of the POWER OF NOW.  
 1-Hour Numerology Session

This session allows for a comprehensive introduction and translation of personal frequencies which are in effect for you currently.

Carmelle calculates your CORE frequencies using your birth date and name, and provides new perspectives of your gifts and talents, validates your deeper intentions and desires, and also gives an overview of where you are in your current Time cycle with a view of the windows of opportunity that are opening for you in terms of achieving your personal goals and objectives.

These sessions are full of useful tips on how to use your daily calendar to work WITH Time for more flow in your projects and relationships.

Investment: $99

* Once your payment is received, Carmelle will send you a confirmation email and suggested dates/times for the session.

30-Minute Follow-up Numerology Session

This shorter session is for follow-up after 1- hour personal session.

Investment: $50.00

* Once your payment is received, Carmelle will send you a confirmation email and suggested dates/times for the session.

1.5-Hour Relationship/Partnership Session

This session’s focus is on highlighting the gifts and talents of the individuals concerned, such as parents and children, life partners and spouses, management and employees, and ProjectTeam members.

In these group sessions, consideration is given to all parties regarding what they bring to the relationship and how to emphasize those gifts, as well as mediating compatibility, style, and preference issues that are present in ALL relations.

These sessions also look at harmonizing the Timing cycles of each individual, so that there is more cohesive flow to the processes of both work projects and developing and changing relationships.

$255 (2 charts plus comparisons)

$388 (3-4 charts plus comparisons)

* Once your payment is received, Carmelle will send you a confirmation email and suggested dates/times for the session.

3-Hour Personal Coaching Package

The first hour of this package is used to get a baseline and broad view of personal talents, annual cycle opportunity windows for immediate re-alignment toward personal goals and visions. The remaining 2 hours are flexed according to your personal needs.

Investment: $250

* Once your payment is received, Carmelle will send you a confirmation email and suggested dates/times for the session.

Corporate/ Team Building Consultations

This appointment is suitable for group projects and businesses that have up to [4 members], reviewing opportunity and intentional layers of objectives as a team for a more respectful and unified approach.

This appointment addresses goals, target dates, and an overview of Team members personal harmonics and the best approach for the project objectives and goals.

Investment: $375.00 (total of 2 hours)

Numbers In Time Parties (per person)

These gatherings are suitable for up to 6 clients, and available as a web event, or in person. The Time parties include a brief Numerology tutorial, with calculations instructions- and are a lot of fun as the information is a way to get to know and support your friends and family members on a completely different level of understanding, as well as giving insights on potentiality and support.

Investment: $75.00/hour (3 hour minimum)

Numbers in Time Workshops

Playshops & webinars are ongoing and available live, and on demand via online links.  These are FUN, informative, and useful for keeping your eye on your opportunity cycles by showing you how to calculate your numbers and set your own day calendar in harmony with the global/collective calendar of opportunity cycles.

Investment: $195 (for up to 1.5-hours)

Art & Painting Parties

These are relaxed and flowing art parties that can include specific image replication instruction, or free form creations, as inspired by your In The Now joy!
All art classes are site specific, and we provide hospitality and everything Arty.

Investment: $45.00/hour (3 hour minimum)

Advanced Numerology Workshop

Advanced workshops are available for groups of Professional Translators who want to add another layer of information and validation of their own frequency translation skills.

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