Forty-Four (44)

(8): (44) Master (Time) Creator

While (8) brings opportunities to administrate within the Time reality, (44) brings the gifts of Master design and the ability to tend to both the comprehensive details of a project or intention, as well at maintaining the over-seeing eye of the expansion of material resources, structure, and agreements of cooperation within the intended Vision. This energy works to build large structures of participation in the Time reality, and can be quite Artful – as in grand scale community and architecture designs in the Earth-time material sense; and, designing technology to uplift and enhance the Time experience via social networks, and outer-space and inter-dimensional “bridges”- like space stations.
When (44) is used for self-serving intentions it can be seen as extremely constrictive belief systems, and with restricted or closed circles of participants, such as prisons, mass belief constrictions that inhibit societal expansion by way of physical confinement, and systems that