The Meaning of Numbers

Basic energetic descriptors and reference pages for following Time frequency cycles.


The broad definition of Numerology is the study of the cycles and patterns in a linear Time perspective reality. Numerology, as I practice it, uses the base 9 Pythagorean system where the Numbers 1 through 9, plus Zero, encapsulate clear basic frequency pattern descriptors in a simple LINEAR-to-NON-LINEAR coding system.

Numbers, as symbolic representatives of the base Time Wave frequencies describe the opportunities and intentions behind behaviors and opportunities and within our co-created and private realities.

The understanding of the language of Numbers is not any more or less important than any other device or abstract language that we may use to access Knowledge for our individual awareness and growth. This includes the tools of the theoretic Arts & Sciences and other Spiritual texts of Consciousness.
Although there are many esoteric languages that are shrouded in secrecy, hierarchy, and elitism, Knowledge IS everywhere, and IN everything- IF we pay attention to the subtleties of percieved events along the Time journey.

AND, it’s right there in all of our Time-tracking systems via the symbols of Numbers. All Earth Time systems, no matter what symbols they may use, translate to the digits represented for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9- plus
Zero, (which is not a number, but, rather, a magnifier of the frequency before or after it).

Zero: is a magnifying frequency which emphasizes the data in the number before or after it in a sequence.

One: Beginning and the ideation of new ideals. One represents the place of I AM, and the understanding and awareness of the Self as a Multi-dimensional Creator BE-ing.

Two: Connecting and creating partnerships and commitments to partnerships and group projects; contributing and participating for the sake of collective ideals. LISTENING is key in this cycle.

Three: Expressing and sharing what is being experienced; wonderment and awe at what is available; Joyful expression of process and discovery.

Four: Practicing with the rules of the current reality focus in TIME; tending to the details of the mundane through systems, organization and structure of the foundations of beliefs, and the rules of engagement in the Time platform experiences.

Five: Adventure and exploration of the senses, and the awareness of wide open opportunities that follow the urge to expand and grow.

Six: Seeking balance between the inner ideals and the outer reality; reflecting the Love and Beauty that is experienced, and establishing boundaries regarding relationships and Self- identity.

Seven: Assessment and re-evaluation of the Life’s purpose and processes, and ideals.

Eight: Understanding and administrating the physical realm and the Time experience, including resources, personnel, Time, and acting in dynamic ways to achieve control over all components of a Vision.

Nine: Realization of ultimate and unconditional Love; the release of patterns and beliefs that allows Self expansion and something new to approach for continued experiential expansion.

Eleven: The ever expanding awakening; a stream of intuited information – heightened telepathic experiences; practicing discerning, and respect for Self as Source in All relationships; clear and transparent telepathic communications.

Twenty-Two: Master Builder. While a base (4) frequency brings activities and the need for working with the structures of Time, rules and agreements, systems and order, plans and designs, and putting the foundations of something into place, (22) brings a dynamic influence of intentions and cooperation in founding projects that are in service to the general populace, and in high level communications for and on behalf of the larger reflection of creators in the Mirror of the Time experience.

Thirty-Three: Master Teacher. While (6) brings opportunities to mediate with Love to achieve balance, (33) brings the essences of the (11) and the (22) together – a triangle of “enlightenment” to focus on the sharing of upliftment through communications and the validation of both position and stance in the data shared for the benefit of any and All who can hear these perspectives.

Forty-Four: Master (Time) Creator. While (8) brings opportunities to administrate within the Time reality, (44) brings the gifts of Master design and the ability to tend to both the comprehensive details of a project or intention, as well at maintaining the over-seeing eye of the expansion of material resources, structure, and agreements of cooperation within the intended Vision.

Fifty-Five: Master Innovator. The (1) frequency is amplified by Zero, as a background of a quantum 5 frequency behaves as a huge wave of inspired innovation and creative directives of rebirth, new perspectives that play out as sudden and complete shifts of direction of focus that directly feeds the Self and I AM presence.