Thirty-Three (33)

(6): (33) Master Teacher

While (6) brings opportunities to mediate with Love to achieve balance, (33) brings the essences of the (11) and the (22) together – a triangle of “enlightenment” to focus on the sharing of upliftment through communications and the validation of both position and stance in the data shared for the benefit of any and All who can hear these perspectives. (33) is a quite verbally persuasive frequency when it remains in the Joy and Love of the moment, with a primary focus on humanitarian visions in unlimited perspective that intends to open Hearts and show the unconditional Love of the ALL for the All in the teachings and methodologies offered forth. High Master teachers of NOW are the best examples of this (33) in balance. When (33) is used for self-serving intentions it is easy to see by the expressions of rationalization of the Self-serving behavior, irresponsibility, and negligence, and I don’t think i need to elucidate on global examples of abuse of this energy here.