Twenty-Two (22)

(4) : (22) – Master Builder

While a base (4) frequency brings activities and the need for working with the structures of Time, rules and agreements, systems and order, plans and designs, and putting the foundations of something into place, (22) brings a dynamic influence of intentions and cooperation in founding projects that are in service to the general populace, and in high level communications for and on behalf of the larger reflection of creators in the Mirror of the Time experience.

As with all Master Number frequencies, the utmost focus on fairness and balance is what will bring the results in ways that will profoundly benefit the recipients of the resulting project intentions. Again, Self serving intentions will implode in ways that would never be expected, and evidence of the diminishment of the potentials can reduce down to extreme rigidity and social compulsiveness beyond reason. Prison’s are an example of (22) gone awry. The internet and other mass communications systems, and Healing and educational centers are examples productive use of this energy.