Youth Playshops

TAKING CARE OF ME ( For ages 9-12)


This Enrichment Playshop, for ages (9-12), is designed as a pre-cursor and preparation for children with younger siblings or who are interested in care giving and wanting to attend the Caring For Others 101 & 102 Certification classes.

This objective and activities of this lively pre-babysitters preparatory workshop is to reiterate Self Safety and Prevention, and to set the stage for accepting and respecting larger responsibilities of care giving siblings, and others.

Activities and materials address:

Self Care, and Balance.
Prevention and Preparation for Self and when considering caring for others.

This a fun and fast 3 hour Play-shop, with art, role playing, Creative resources, Critical thinking games, basic Safety Training, and lots of take aways for building confidence and tools in the direction of their next level of responsibility and contribution as a budding community member.

Considerations for application of this Play-shop include: 

Youth Group (Camp Fire, Girl Scout, Boy Scout, etc…) achievement and merit badge requirements, and other Community Groups enrichment programs.

Enrollment Minimum 8 / Max 12.

($45) Per student;

Have questions or special considerations?… don’t hesitate to contact Carmelle.

Taking Care of Others 101 (For Ages 10-14)

(ages 10-14)

($45 pp)
This lively class is a colorful umbrella that includes sparks of Self Awareness and Responsibility mixed in with safety, prevention, and essential emergency Response training.

It is a how-to pathway for children, age 10-14, who are considering caring for small children or assisting the elderly; and, students who are active in their communities and are seeking to be Camp Counselors, Pre-school assistants, or any other care-giving, or community preparatory and response services that make up safe and stable communities- such as Firefighters, and emergency response teams.

The course objective is to help the students align the applications of Self Safety and Essential Care Giving skills training that includes:

*Home and Personal Safety & Prevention
*Essential First Aid
*Observation for Self Protection and Emergency Responsiveness.
*Interacting, Handling & Feeding Babies and Small Children;
Care-Giving Business basics;

This class can be customized for completing CAMP FIRE, Girl Scout, Badge and Bead achievement requirements.

4 Hrs;  All materials, resources, and 
Certificates of Participation and Achievement in 
Essential Care Giving provided. 
($45 pp)

Negotiable location4 student min/ 15 max.

Taking Care Of Others 102 (Ages 12-16)


($75 pp)

                                         Friends & Family Safety, CPR plus SFA Certifications
For ages 12-16

This combo-class is a fun venue for Youth members of a Community to cross-apply their growing observation and response skills, that are built upon in the previous Taking Care Play-shops and Certifications. 

Review high-points of the previous level classes mingle into the fun of hands-on CPR and Standard First aide training.  Discussions include applications toward Geriatric Care and co-workers.  

4 Hrs;  manikin access, class materials, reference materials,  Certificate of Honorable Community Participation, and 
( 2-year) CPR/SFA certification card is provided.  

 4 student min/ 12 max*.

*LARGER CLASSES can be accommodated with enough advance notice; additional Instructor is required.

 (12-24 max*students )